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2nd Edition

A quote from “The Fog from Hell” chapter

A very serious problem developed. The worse fog ever came rolling in on us. The fog was like it was from a Stephen King novel, scary. The fog kept getting thicker. It became so thick we could barely see the mast just in front of the dodger windshield. The radar screen turned solid white. I tried different settings and nothing changed. We were motoring blind. The chart plotter showed we were about 5 miles from entering the pass to our anchorage. It was getting dark. I could not believe our radar failed on us. Chart plotters can be off sometimes. Radars usually show the big steel buoys with flashing lights. Stay between the buoys and you are usually safe. I took the radar off the big screen so the chart plotter would give us a better feeling where the buoys were. We entered the pass and the little boat on the screen started jumping around. Our safety depended on the chart plotter. There was so much moisture in the air my glasses fogged up as quick as I could wipe them. Water was running off the bill on my cap like a water fall and we were under the bimini. In our 35,000 miles of cruising we have been in fog but never like this. The chart plotter showed we were in the middle of the channel but we were not. We both had a bad case of the shakes and then things really went crazy. For More….