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Izzy Tells Her Story


From: Saga of the Sailing Shih Tzu; Izzy tells her story.

Mom and Dad, Elaine and Floyd Tapp, have been sailboat people since 1988. They have sailed to South America two times and have been as far north as Long Island four times. Dad wrote a book about their misadventures called “The Saga of the Sailing Hillbillies”, 1st Edition which is a much sought-after collector’s book.
Dad always said a dog and cruising on a sailboat spells trouble. It is too much trouble to get off the boat and find grass. When cruisers make long passages there is no grass for days and that can be trouble for the poor dogs. Some storms with high winds can last for days where it is too dangerous to lower the dingy and go to shore. Mom does not always listen to Dad. When she first saw me, she bought me because she knew if Dad ever saw how sweet and pretty, I am, he would want to keep me. That night when Dad came home, Mom held me out in her hand and told Dad to hold me while she put dinner on the table. Dad acted like he was in shock, but I knew it was love at first sight for both of us. I started licking his hand and Dad got tears in his eyes. I am no longer just a handful and Dad still holds me every day if he is not off racing motorcycles somewhere. I always get up on the couch and take a nap with him. When he comes in the house, I raise up on my hind legs and hop across the room and he picks me up so I can give him a big licking. He thinks I am special. Mom has trained me to use pee-pads and I am not much trouble which is the way Dad likes it.
Our trip to the Bahamas took some getting adjusted to. Some things like that first dingy ride was scary but I got where I liked it. What I really like about the boat life is I am with Mom and Dad 24/7. For More….

Where is the land?

Izzy On Bow

Where is the land?

As you can tell, I am worried. I saw no land yesterday, none last night, and none today. What will I do if we are out here so long that I run out of green beans and pee pads?

Izzy is anxiously looking for land. It has been days since she has seen land….where are we? For More….